Why Concrete Taxi?

Well for starters concrete is everywhere, being the second most consumed material (after water) in the world – floors, walls, buildings, highways, footpaths, sign and fence post footings, the list keeps going. The Concrete Taxi brand provides a great service to the small jobs market and without direct competitors, we then began refining our system to be the best specialised service that delivers small batches of concrete. With around half of the existing Franchise group being customers, who liked the idea and bought into the Franchise it is not hard to realise the many benefits of using a Concrete Taxi let alone becoming a Franchisee.

What is the risk of going into business?

Like any business there are many risks and is important decision that should not be treated lightly. Concrete Taxi does not promote a promise that you will get rich quick, however, we do aim to provide you with as much support as possible as we want all of our Franchisees to suceed. We ask that should have any questions that you ask us so that you have all the answers in order to make an informed educated decision.

Maybe I could do it by myself?

Sure, that is certainly one option but why would you when you could have the support network of Concrete Taxi. Not only that but the difficult things like legal and OH&S requirements can cause some serious frustration and cost pair that with the difficulties of developing successful marketing campaigns and trying to acquire successful leads makes doing it yourself just seem silly.

What are my investment options?

When buying into the Concrete Taxi Franchisee, there are two options.

  1. Purchase a brand new truck
  2. Purchase an existing Franchise
The second option is only on the condition that there are any exisiting Franchise's for sale and these can be found on the "Existing Franchises For Sale" page under Franchising.

Is there finance available to help me get into the Franchise?

How long does training take?

What are the fees I will have to pay?

After becoming a Franchisee with Concrete Taxi and paying the initial Franchise Fee, Concrete taxi takes a total of 12% of your earnings with 6% going to Concrete Taxi and the other 6% contributed towards the Marketing Fund. This means that if you only pay fees on what you earn helping to relieve some of the pressure of starting a business.

What are the potential earnings of a Concrete Taxi Franchise?

There are many factors that come into play when determining the potential earnings of a Franchisee. The average gross earnings of a Franchisee across Australia is $123,456 which means there are Franchisees below this and above this. As we stated earlier there are many factors that contirbute to the potential earnings so this figure is merely a benchmark.

What is my upfront investment to buy into the Concrete Taxi Franchise?

The upfront costs to purchase a Franchise with Concrete Taxi is $220,000 (Incl GST). This includes the $55,000 Franchisee Fee and the cost to put a new Concrete Taxi on the road which is $165,000. Now there are other costs associated with a Franchise that include, insurance, the Navman used in the trucks, uniforms and a few extra. All the possible costs will be explained to you once we proceed past the formal introduction.

So where from here?