Based on a design by a frustrated engineer and the inability to access concrete out of hours, the Concrete Taxi system was first set up in Perth, WA. The system was gradually formalised and refined, with a transition to the market in 2002 via the use of Franchisor units to determine the real issues to be faced in commercial operation. The first Franchise was opened in Perth in 2006, with Company trucks continuing on the road to further refine the design of the service unit. Six (6) Franchises now service the Perth Metropolitan area.

The Brisbane market was entered in 2006, with expansion again through the use of Franchisor vehicles, with the first Franchise unit commencing in 2008 and the gradual expansion to ten (10) Franchises servicing the SEQ market. Franchise operations commenced in Sydney in 2014, currently, there are two (2) operational units with a regional unit in Newcastle.

Development of the Sydney Metropolitan zone is seen as the short-term priority for Concrete Taxi with consideration also being given to regional locations.